It’s not uncommon for people to have a problem with a tooth. Sometimes the tooth may be broken. Once in a while a tooth can ache or have swelling. Sometimes a person’s teeth just don’t look good. Most people are under the impression that if they can get their dentist to fix this or that problem then everything will be OK with their mouth.

The reality is that the one problem that people feel with a tooth is most likely just one sign of the conditions that caused the tooth to have a problem in the first place. For instance, pain and swelling could come from unhealthy gums. The unhealthy gum condition is usually not isolated just to the one tooth that aches but is widespread and just hasn’t caused pain in other areas of the mouth. Yet. Sometimes a broken tooth is due to a weak tooth that can’t take the stress and pressure that people put on their teeth. The broken tooth can be the first in a series of others to come. If a tooth breaks because of a cavity, there likely are other teeth that are decayed. Sometimes teeth are weak because of large cavities in the past that were fixed with large fillings that have outlived their usefulness. And on down the line. And quite often a combination of these conditions are causing tooth problems.

In his career Dr. Dan Meader has seen that a comprehensive approach to oral and dental health is the only way to address these conditions to stop what seems to be endless dental problems. He has seen that the most common barriers for people to attain good oral and dental health care are: 1) finding out what is causing the problem to begin with, 2) overcoming anxiety about dental treatment, and 3) the cost.


Dr. Dan Meader has found that the best approach to overcoming these and other barriers to attaining good oral and dental health is to begin with performing a comprehensive examination at the outset of treatment so both he and the patient understand what the conditions are of that person’s oral and dental health. Everyone has different expectations and concerns and this is the best way Dr. Dan Meader can listen to his patients and learn what their feelings are. Once everyone understands what is happening in that person’s mouth, Dr. Dan Meader and his patient can prioritize his or her needs together. Dr. Dan Meader has found this method to be the most efficient, long lasting and economical way for people to attain comfort, function, and beauty for their teeth that can last for a lifetime.